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Her Loss. Ranked.

16. “On BS”

That one song on the album you never add to your library, but tolerate. 15. “3AM on Glenwood”

21 Savage but, on a beat meant for Drake. 14. “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin”

This one has a nice beat, but is forgettable on an album of bangers. 13. “More M’s”

This track has the vibe of a Halloween party.

12. “Treacherous Twins”

The only track on the album where 21 had a better verse than Drake. 11. “Major Distribution”

Wouldn’t be surprised if this whole track was a freestyle, it has that head-nodding vibe. 10. “Hours In Silence”

Has the sound of IMY2 by Drake on his previous album; Certified Lover Boy, a very chill track. 9. “I Guess It’s Fu*k Me”

The sentimental, heartbreak song that’s you usually find on every Drake album. 8. “Rich Flex”

The song on the album that you’ll hear the most on TikTok. 7. “Pu**y & Millions”

This track makes you want Travis Scott to hurry up and release a new album. 6. “Privileged Rappers”

This would be the rap song you want to hear while getting a massage. 5. “Broke Boys”

Whenever you’re feeling yourself, turn this track on. 4. “BackOutsideBoyz”

You’ll probably hear this at every basketball court and gym at some point this year. 3. “Circo Loco”

The song that can get the party going and flowing. 2. “Spin Bout U”

The sample is amazing and the flow from beginning to end notches this at the number two spot. 1. “Middle of the Ocean”

Put this song on when you’re driving during a sunset, the vibes will be top notch.

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